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Aplication Process

Full Session. People who wish to live here for the full Academic year (normally, we accept applicants applying for both the Fall and the Spring semester, but exceptions have been made) must first become House Members. Right away you must realize that there exists no way for you to become a house member without first visiting the house. You must attend three (3) dinners at the house or acceptable other house events (hosteling, parties, etc). You complete an application form and post it on the bulletin board in the dining hall. Your application will be considered at the next house meeting. A vote will be held, and should you gain three (3) votes against, your application will be turned down. If your application is approved, you will have to sign a lease and pay a security deposit of one month's rent. Please keep in mind that we have such strict voting procedures to ensure that we can create maximum harmony between our current and future residents.

Summer. Contact us. For the summer you do not have to become a house member, but you will have to leave a deposit of one month rent.


Current Rates

Rates include utilities (Wi-Fi, local calls, gas, electricity, water, etc.) and food. Rates are current and subject to change at the beginning of each Fall semester.

Double occupancy. $550 (+$15 if you use the air conditioner/heater that month).

Single occupancy. $660 (+$30 if you use the air conditioner/heater that month).


Current House Jobs

Uncompensated (two hours per week):

Dinner Clean-Up (18 people, 2-3 people/night)
Mailperson/Webmaster (1 person)
Gardener (1)
Front Porch & Recycling (1)
Upstairs Common Areas (1)
Downstairs Common Areas (1)
Bathrooms (3)


Compensated labor includes house management as well as various special projects as deemed necessary.

Once a semester:

Mandatory Clean Up/Maintenance Day (~8 hours).



Please try to find any answers to your questions on our FAQ before contacting us.


More information

Please browse our FAQ sections to find anything else you may be interested in. If you have lingering questions, please feel free to contact us by mail, e-mail, or phone. We look forward to hearing from you.



Deutsches Haus
c/o Management
2103 Nueces Street
Austin, TX 78705



Matt: 512-954-7665

Bethany: 713-459-5335




2103 Nueces Street

Austin, TX 78705


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